The No Diet Fat Fight

A set of easy-to-use products that have been Clinically Proven by Independent Doctors to achieve Weight Loss, Inch-Loss & lower your BMI without a strict, or calorie controlled, diet in only 30 days.


A set of easy-to-use products that have been Clinically Proven to achieve Weight Loss, Inch-Loss & lower your BMI without a strict, or calorie controlled, diet in only 30 days.

Hydra-Slim Plus

A vegan, planet-loving & plant-powered cordial. Boasting weight loss results proven by independent, and doctor led, clinical trials.

Lipo Sculpting Wrap Kit

Featuring a Lipo Fluid: a lotion for home use which is Clinically Proven to achieve Inch Loss & Reduction of Localised Fat.


A convenient everyday supplement. Made from the highest-quality MCT Oil Powder BHB's, Garcinia Combogia & Potassium Citrate.


The Clinical Trials were all conducted by an

Independent Test Clinic, by Certified Doctors,

under Strict EU approved Standards.

Subjects did not follow a calorie controlled diet,

they simply incorporated our products with a

well-balanced diet to ensure results were a true

reflection of the product's performance

Read below for the results achieved

by each product


Proven to Achieve Significant Weight Loss 

90% Trial subject's noticed weight-loss with Hydra-Slim +

Some lost as much as 2.5kgs in 30 days without dieting.

Proven to Significantly Reduce BMI 

Reductions recorded between 0.1 and 0.9 points within 30 days

Proven to Significantly Slim the waist, thighs and hips

85% of test subjects noticed an overall refinement of their silhouette.

Over 30% of subjects lost a Dress Size and some even lost 2 dress sizes

after 30 days of Hydra-Slim Plus.


Ingredients : Aqua, Nopal fruit extract, artichoke leaf extract, acai fruit extract, ash bark extract, meadowsweet aerial parts extract, passiflore aerial parts, green tea leaf extract, quackgrass root extract, kola seed extract, rhodiola root extract, guarana seed extract, fennel seed extract, dandelion leaf extract, celeri fruit extract, elder flower extract, glycerin (Vegetable), agave syrup , concentrated prune juice , concentrated blackcurrant juice , citric acid


Proven Inch Loss

Proven to reduce localised Fat

Proven to remodel Thighs

Proven to Firm the Stomach, Bottom and Thighs

Proven to reduce Cellulite

Proven to reduce Fluid Retention

Proven to achieve a Flatter Stomach 

Proven to improve Skin Elasticity


Developed first and foremost as a professional treatment Lipo Sculpting Fluid is a clinically proven pain free, at-home inch loss treatment that reduces unwanted fat from targeted areas of the body; it does not rely on dehydration or water loss for its results. You do not need to exercise or diet to achieve inch loss and/or body sculpting.

Our unique microencapsulation process allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and work on the cells in the fatty subcutaneous layer just underneath it. The ingredients change the permeability of the fat cells causing them to release intra-cellular fat, which reduces the size of the fat cells — changing the fat from a triglyceride (within the fat cell) to a free fatty acid. In this form, the fat can be more easily removed from your body via your lymphatic system. 

Powered by our clinically proven Acti-Complexe and other marine bio-actives such as Spirulina and Red Seaweed, this is a seaweed wrap with a difference.  


A convenient everyday supplement. Made from the highest-quality

MCT Oil Powder, beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB's), Garcinia Combogia

& Potassium CitrateKetoCaps are designed help utilise the power

of Ketosis & help the body prioritise Fat Burning. 

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, or simply BHB, is a natural molecule called a ketone body.

It is one of the main molecules that provides your body with energy in the absence

of glucose. A BHB salt is a supplement version of ketones that your body can readily

use as energy to help get you into ketosis, a state of fat enhanced burning.

A set of easy-to-use products that have been Clinically Proven by Independent Doctors to achieve Weight Loss, Inch-Loss & lower your BMI without a strict, or calorie controlled, diet in only 30 days.

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