Powered by Nature, Proven by Clinical Trials.
Imagine selling without a pushy sales pitch. Being able to say "this cream is independently clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 22.3% in only 28 days".
Do you think you'd need to convince a customer further?
Us neither! We're the only direct sales company with clinically proven products.

Imagine having constant repeat business because your customers love experiencing products with proven results.

Imagine never having to think of, or create, original content because it's all already been done for you.

Imagine building yourself a career partnering with a company you know is actively working to protect our planet for the generations to come.

Now, stop imagining... this can be a reality.


Building a career to be proud with rewards you deserve. There are eight (8) different ways for you to make money in this business. It is possible for you to make money in one, a few, or in all eight ways, all at once.


1. 20% Base Commission

2. 5-10% Additional Personal Sales Bonus

3. Mid-Month Acti-Cash

Added Fast-Start Bonus

4. Receive an Additional Free Product Kit


5. Earn up to 10% from Team Sales

6. 25% Builder Bonus

7. 100% Cheque Match Bonus

8. Rank Bonus

A career to be proud of with the rewards you deserve.


You get paid 20% commission on every sale you make, from the moment you sign up. Payments are made directly in to your bank account every Friday.

Any orders placed from Saturday to Friday midnight (CST) are paid their commissions the following Friday.

2. 5-10% ADDED BONUS

If you sell over £350/$500/$675CAD in any calendar month, we will send you an extra 5% commission payment, effectively bumping you up to 25% commissions on all personal sales you made that month. These payments are paid direct into your bank account on the 7th day after month end.

If you sell over £700/$1000/$1350CAD in any calendar month, we send you an extra 10% instead, bumping you up to 30% commission!

3. MID-MONTH Acti-Cash

Sell over £150/$200/$270CAD between the 1st and the 14th of any given month and you will receive a £15/$20/$27CAD Acti-Cash Bonus! Acti-Cash can be used to pay for products and what's more, you get commission on the sales you make when you spend it too! This bonus is credited to your Ambassador account on the 15th of the month and must be used before (not including) the 7th of the following month, when Acti-Cash balances will re-set.



    Within 30-DAYS of enrolment

      When a new Ambassador achieves personal sales volume of  £400 / $500 / 600CAD they will receive a FREE & exclusive Fast Start Kit of five Acti-Labs best-sellers! These product have been specially chosen to enhance your demonstration capabilities & boost your sales further.

      Free Fast Start Kit includes: 

      Lipo Sculpt Wrap kit

      Luxury Cleansing Balm

      Capill-Hair Shampoo 

      Capill-Hair Mask

      Soft Focus Finishing Powder 

      5. Earn up to 10% in TEAM COMMISSIONS

      Earning team commission has never been more in your own control! Get paid up to 10% on your directs, with simple step by step goals that just keep on paying with team commission up to 6 generations deep! Below are two tables. The top table shows the requirements for each level. The bottom table shows the pay-outs you will receive.

      *Wholesale Sales - Team commissions payments are paid on wholesale sales values. Wholesale sales are calculated at 80% of retail sales values. This accounts for the 20% personal commission already paid out weekly to the Ambassador who made the sale. We don't make any further adjustments/deductions if someone gets bumped up to 25-30% personal commission, we've kept it simple with a straight 80%. *Level 5 and above: From level 5 you will be qualified for Rank Bonuses. At this point your strongest leg is called your ‘Power Leg’. You will be paid on your ‘Power Leg’ every month which your volume outside your Power Leg exceeds 60% of your total volume.

      These payments are made on the 7th day after month end. Payments for Elite Leaders at Level 1 are made to their Ambassador Acti-Cash account balance and must be used before (not including) the 7th of the following month, when Acti-Cash balances will re-set.

      Payments for Elite Leaders at Levels 2 and up are paid directly into their Bank account by direct deposit.


      This is a truly powerful bonus. Leaders are paid extra for getting their recruits off to the best possible start.

      Receive a Builder bonus on all Business Packs that your recruits opt to purchase. 

      We have two Pack Available :

      The Bonus on each Business Pack is £25 / $37.50 / $50CAD  

      The Bonus on each Business Pack PRO is £50 / $70 / $100CAD  

      Your recruit's will enjoy a very reduced price on a pack full of best sellers to demonstrate with their customers and build their business with.. and you get rewarded with a Bonus.

      Business Builder Pack: Hydra-Slim Plus, Lipo Sculpting Fluid, Sculpting Wrap Pro - Pair, Micellar Lotion, Radiance Exfoliating Cream, 45+ Cream.

      Business Builder PROHydra-Slim Plus, Radiance Exfoliating Cream, Luxury Cleansing Balm, Micellar Lotion, 45+ Cream, Skyscraper Mascara, Vendome 5 Eyeshadow Palette, Creme Lipliner Set of Six Nudes, Superstar Mega Matte Liquid Lipstick, FoliVate Hair Serum, Capill-Hair Shampoo, Capill-Hair Mask Lipo Sculpting Fluid, Sculpting Wrap Pro - Pair.

      7. 100% CHEQUE MATCH BONUS

      Help two or more direct team members to achieve Elite Leader Level 2 within their first six months and receive a 100% cheque match on their monthly team commissions.  You will continue to receive this bonus as long as you have at least two direct team members at Level 2 and within their first 6 months. The match bonus gets credited month and month again on each recruit that remains in their first 6 months.  There is no cap on how many direct team members you can earn the 100% cheque match bonus on, 2, 4, 6, 100 the bonus is infinite. Even if a direct team member hits a rank above level 2 within their first 6 months, you still receive a 100% cheque match bonus on their team commissions too.

      8. RANK BONUS

      The Rank Bonus is automatically activated by anyone who achieves Elite Leader Level 5 or above for 3 consecutive months.

      On the 4th month you will receive Rank Bonus on top of everything else that you have earned!

      If at any time you fall below Rank 5 you will need to re-qualify. 

      Senior Manager£600$850$1,155CAD
      Platinum Manager£1,200$1,700$2,310CAD
      Senior Executive£6,000$8,570$11,570CAD
      Platinum Executive£12,000$17,140$23,140CAD
      Diamond Executive£24,000$38,285$46,285CAD

      *Annual amounts are paid monthly at the rate achieved each month