Our Capill-Hair range also has daily care and styling products which are designed to be restorative, protective, and support healthy, manageable hair.

Feed your hair from the inside with Follicle Food. Formulated to deliver highly concentrated, easily absorbed nutrients to the hair follicles directly through your bloodstream. Purposely designed for people who are seeking fuller, healthier and quicker hair growth.

Target follicles topically with FoliVate, an ultra-concentrated serum which targets your follicles and scalp; energising them with nutrients, resulting in healthier, more dense and quicker growing hair. 

Our finishing products deliver long-lasting frizz control and heat protection. Hair feels soft, silky and protected.

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Gluten Free + Vegan

Mane Tame


You need to see it to believe it… humidity proofing and super-sleek...

Sublime Oil


Sublime Oil nurtures your hair without making it greasy...


Follicle Food


Feed your hair from the inside with Follicle Food..



FolliVate utilises a combination of plant active ingredients and peptides which work on multiple mechanisms to reduce hair loss, strengthen and boost hair growth...

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